Seiko 320W40GN00 / 320W42GN00

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High quality generic mineral crystal to replace the 320W40GN00 & 320W42GN00

Replicates the original profile/cross-section, with polished bevelled edge.

Fits the following models: 

  • Seiko 7A28-6000 
  • Seiko 7A28-6009
  • Seiko 7A28-7000
  • Seiko 7A28-7001
  • Seiko 7A28-7008
  • Seiko 7A28-7009
  • Seiko 7A28-7029
  • Seiko 7A28-7080
  • Seiko 7A28-7089
  • Seiko 7A38-7060
  • Seiko 7A38-7069
  • Seiko 7A48-7000
  • Seiko 7A48-7009
  • Seiko 7T24-7A00
  • Seiko 7T24-7A0A
  • Seiko 7T27-7A20
  • Seiko 7T32-7A49
  • Seiko 7T32-7B30

Please contact us if you need to check fitment details, or if you require a different glass for a different model.